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the more z list you are, the worse u are to work with- the bigger the star, the nicer they are.
Oh that is so very true !!
Back in the late 80's / early 90's I did a bit of work for a Saturday Morning Kids TV programme and the guests on it were frequently TV or pop music stars.

Some were adorable and certainly the higher the star rating the nicer they were. I came across lots of minor celebs and one hit wonders with ideas above their station but one really stuck out.
She was a small of stature Liverpudlian singer who had a couple of hits - although I think she broke with her management due to personality conflicts. Her talent was in direct proportion to her height and she was an utter nightmare.
She refused to turn up to rehearsal on time putting everyone on the entire programme out, she criticised the set that had been built for her (despite it being created to her exact specifications and instructions) she refused to walk down stairs to make an entrance which meant the running order had to be shuffled to accommodate her, she was rude, inconsiderate, loud mouthed and a general pain in the backside.
Fans who waited hours to see her were ignored and she looked down on everyone. I never heard her say "good morning", "please" or "thank you" to anyone over the two days she was at the studio.
Unfortunately we staff had no option other than be nice to her and cater to her ridiculous whims but boy were we glad when that programme wrapped.
I can't imagine why you don't see her around much these days - it's a mystery to me
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