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He's not married to her (she's old enough to be his mother) and has never been married... from my understanding she took him under her wing after interviewing him while he'd been going through some sort of depression and a period of stage-fright and I saw somewhere ages ago that she saved his sanity as she understood what he was going through and I have read several times that she's his 'beard' whatever that means!!!!

Seemingly he's quite fond of one of the guys who didn't become Joseph!!! Like someone said, he had a parachute accident where his nether regions got damaged.... and re kissing women, even gays enjoy kissing women... including John Barrowman!!! Michael has loads of women who follow him around the country (his Ballettes) and hang about at stage doors and he'll kiss them...
S'true, John Barrowman is happy to kiss anything that moves....wonder what his followers are called! Barrowgirls?

A good friend of mine is long-term friends with someone who co-starred with him in a musical. Apparently, he was a bit 'me me me' and a diva. The person in question couldn't wait until their own stint in the musical was finished.
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