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Fair enough John. I've worked with Michael in theatres and never on tour, for over 15 years. But I do know the musicians who have toured with him for years and if that behaviour was the norm, I would know, and so would everyone else in the industry.

He has toured since around 1992 I believe, every second year and about 20 gigs per tour so that is well over 100 concerts and he is not going to behave perfectly all the time, no one does. Every performer has times when their behaviour is less than perfect and unfortunately there is sometimes someone waiting to meet them and that experience is less than ideal and it colours their attitude and they let people know.

If the concert is late in a tour then sometimes the performer can have vocal issues and keep talking to a minimum.
In Michael's case he has suffered from back injuries as the result of a parachuting accident when he was 18 and sometimes he is in agony, merely walking is agony, let alone dancing and acting and singing. I have never seen his pain affect his attitude.

Maybe it was a bad day and that's a shame for the DJ and his Mum. Over the years I have seen hundreds and hundreds of fans at the stage doors, and they get their photos and their autographs and more often than not, a chat.

All I can say from my personal experience and opinion that his behaviour is usually completely un-diva like and he is, genuinely, a really nice guy.
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