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A radio DJ (whose Mum is a big fan of Michaels) had backstage access to one of his shows and was desperate to get a photograph and autograph for his Mum back in Ireland. He was that shocked and disappointed with Michaels diva-ish behaviour and attitude, he spent 30 mins moaning about it on his show. This is going back to around 2001/2002, so maybe this was before you worked with him?

As for the 'sleazy' comment I made, that is my personal opinion based on what I have seen of him on the TV, which I'm perfectly entitled to.
There could've been lots of reasons why this performer wasn't able to do this on this particular ocassion, perhaps the request never reached him in the first place. Perhaps he was resting his voice due to being unwell .If I remember rightly both the 2000 and 2003 tours had concerts rearranged because of this. Shame it happened to the DJ but anyone can have a bad day. I'm sure he has let someone down himself, somewhere along the way too.

As for sleazy sounds more like Mr Barrowman to me, but that's opinions for you lol!!!!
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