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You know, I remember parties that used to start on Fridays and finish on Tuesdays! People in the theatre world have always known how to party and Michael is no exception to that.

But do we really want to be judged forever by what we did 20plus years ago? Not me, and I'm sure not many of you.
Michael's late teen and first decade of manhood were considerably harder than just about anyone else I know. He fought physical and mental anguish and he came through and most people who know the full story use one word to describe it, "courage". What, or who, he did in the old days is history.

All I can say is that people who know him, people who know people who know him, people who know people who know people who know him...mostly say the same thing. He's one of the good guys.

Plus, and it's a BIG plus for me, he is using his experience, his clout and his money to produce shows, to faciliate more musicals coming to the West End. And that means jobs, lots of jobs. All power to you Mr Ball
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