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Theatre is very touchy-feely, when you know the guys well you can call them "West End Wendys" and they don't take offence. They are emotional, they use their hands expressively when they talk, they cry at movies, they touch you when they talk to you or sing with you.

Case in point. Placido Domingo. When he talks to a woman he quite often takes your hands in his and looks right into your eyes. Sometimes he withdraws a hand and touches your arm or even strokes your cheek. If he wants to make a point he will cup your face in his hands. He kisses on each outside the theatre may say that is sleaze of the first degree. It is certainly first class flirting!! All the women who have experienced the "Domingo charm" will tell you it is the moment that they knew what 'weak knees' really felt like and a moment that will remain with them until they die...such is the theatre!
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