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Thanks for your posts Karen.

I've been a fan since the early 90s and of course no human being is nice ALL the time. However, I have hardly ever heard a bad word said about Michael Ball. Obviously, I'm not in the business but fans talk at stage doors!

I did get briefly talking once to one of his co-stars (Maria Friedman, very nice woman). This was during the run of "Woman in White". During our 5 minute chat it was quite obvious that Maria adored Michael. She spoke of him in glowing terms, saying what great fun he was. In fact she actually said "I love him to bits".

Of course I've heard the gay rumours over the years too but I couldn't care less whether he's gay or not. He's not saying and he's entitled to keep his private life private.
Yes, I agree with you Yorkie and also send my thanks to Karen for her posts in this thread.

I've always liked Michael Ball (and still do). Went to see him in Aspects of Love and had front row seats with my sister (way back when). Fell in love with him from that day forward.

I don't give a fig whether he's gay or not - that's his private life and nothing to do with me.

For what it's worth - I also like John Barrowman too. I think they're both fun, have lovely singing voices and excellent performers.
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