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Was watching Kill Bill the other day and actually forgot the Superman monologue.

For those of you that haven't seen it, it basically talks about the differences between other superheroes and Superman. The fact that most superheroes are normal human beings that pull on a costume to become "super", and had some event that turned them super. Whereas Superman was born as he is. His costume with S is his normal clothing, whereas Clark Kent is actually his clothing. He IS Superman. Clark Kent is the mask, and his take on how he thinks human beings are.

Now, im no script writer or director but this alone surely leaves a lot of excellent possibilities for writing an engaging and intruiging plot, no? It reverses nearly the entire standard for how superheroes are, and are written. Really the possibilities should be huge for a character driven plot , instead of setting it up to have Superman battle some faceless villian for 2 hours.

PS: Im not saying I want Superman to be dark, but if the writers did choose to go that direction, wasn't his family and entire planet destroyed? Pretty easy to have an emo Superman right there
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