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Cowell planning lottery-style gameshow?

I hear the working title is 'Give me your fockin money, again'
Thats a bit off topic Ivan.... Or is that show POTENTIALLY quite gay? Is it or isnt it?

Get back to the CORE issues please....speshally now we have a PART TWO. Sad day for Max Clifford Associates - Happy Day for DS's meddlesome posters . appears Kerching is (or soon will be) consigned to the squadron of "exes" but my inner love sensor detects this one wont be invited back into the fold to share the power plate with Snit in the near future.

However....who WAS the "Mystery Brunette" that he rolled up with, alongside Jackie to the studio on Saturday?? ...has Max implemented Operation Quick Find Another Bloody Beard already or was she an innocent (but spookily "on prototype") friend?? The world NEEDS TO KNOW.

**If not The World, then at least this thread.....
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