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lol so we have 2 plausible theories - she's a TV exec hopefully here to finalise Ryan's deal as an XF judge, or, she's a beard-in-waiting.

Either way, i want some hush money Max!
Look, Id be onboard the Simon Is Straight train for a small fee (well, a Mini Cooper please ) and post eternally on here that Si shagged me and my posse of Essex mates senseless with his impressive "love weapon". Max only has to PM me. I could do this Gold Digging lark, no problem.

If this new "Mystery Brunette" is going to be slotted in as this months new beard, I hope she has a sense of humour and a twitter account - cant be doing with a serious one like nettle-faced Mish(now gone - HA!). It will be much easier for SI if he gets a beard we approve of...
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