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I hope America knows what it's let themselves in for. Bongos, squiggly & diddly's randon appearences and male judges trying to out camp each other. Extra points if Brian brings back those roller skaters 'who couldn't skate'. We might not have the best singers, but we know entertainment. This show is so Ryan, he would love it.
After last years comatose Idol Season, America is ready for X Factor and its shedload of campy fabulousness. Simon and Ryan at opposing ends of the panel with a couple of token "chicks" inbetween they can pretend to flirt with, whilst they trade gay innuendo and have fake spats over the acts that no-one is interested in over the desk...just what SUPERB TV that would be eh? Brian also has to be shipped over , along with his Perspex Steps of doom, his wardrobe of stretchy lycra costumes, a containers worth of glittery tickertape and enough pyrotechnics to ignite Paula Abduls alcohol fumed breath (assuming she gets a spot on the panel). God, it will be bloody amazing.

Who is interested in the likes of Lee Dewyze who could just about hold a note but was as interesting as Paris Hiltons fingernail? Brazillian sex pests with medallions and the ability to mash up the Spice Girls and Ricky Martin is the future of TV . Ryan is SO suited to the X Factor it would be a complete crime against television if he wasnt on it in some shape or form.

Are you listening Simon???
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