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Oooh part deux. Marvellous news and congrats to all. **Mwah Mwah**

Now on the subject of piccy 2, I'm 'smitten' with mystery brunette'. She has cheap clothes, cheap accessories (she obviously not out to fleece SC for all she can get, well not yet anyway) and what a lovely, warm, genuine smile.

Unlike Kerching who I hear has just signed herself up to study for a degree in Open Cast Mining (to help with her gold digging) and is as we speak conducting a very through inventory of Chez Cowell in La La land so see what she can snaffle before MC makes it official.
Oh Mrs B you do make me giggle.... I bet you are spot on -Kerching has been round Cowell Mansions, supermarket sweep style, going wild in the aisles chucking anything of value into her packing boxes. I'll be keeping an eye on ebay for a suspicious lot of tight white slash grey T shirts, pointy boots and Armani jeans with slightly shredded hems. Might be worth picking up a Los Angeles Auto Trader in case a cheap Bugatti Veyron appears for sale as well
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