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Timings wrong for dumpage (and contracts are probably still being negotiated )- if Cheryl does get the US XF gig (and that will be down to TPTB at Fox) then dumpage will happen just before publicity starts for the show, then Simon will be 'comforted' by Cheryl during auditions, sparking rumours of a romance and we'll have a whole 'are they/aren't they' commentary to boost publicity for XF and introduce Cheryl to the US.
i have thought this also, about Cole, she is happy to go along with the are they arnt they bollox as she is that desperate to get in the US, she will do anything(eg be a beard) im surprised he actually bothers with Dannii behind the scenes as he cant even look at her when the camera's are on, so the baby story im sure is the usual crap, to hetro up Simon a bit more
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