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I always used to like Kimberley but I've really gone off lately. I don't know why on earth she would publicly declare that she didn't wish Nadine good luck, its such a bizarre admission, almost like "yes I'm cold and yes I don't like Nadine."

I also just don't like the way that Cheryl and Co seem to be playground bullies excluding Nadine. Kimberley has explicitly insinuated in the past that Nadine was the one holding GA up and Cheryl has always been tight lipped on the issue of GA reforming but she seems to have chosen the time that Nadine's career is going tits up to declare that she wants GA to get back together. I also didn't like the way that Cheryl's PR team released that picture on twitter of the four girls backstage at X-Factor minus Nadine. They knew what kind of storylines that picture would generate and the fact that it would make Nadine look bad.

Finally, I don't know why the press keep on banging on about Nadine's Tesco deal in such a negative way- at least she hasn't resorted to being an OK columnist and jewellery line creator for Argos like Kimberley.
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