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The problem I have with Superman is that he's basically just too good a superhero. I mean, Batman isn't actually a superhero, he's just an already man in a costume. He has no super powers. Superman, on the other hand, has so many powers that I just find it hard to warm to him. He can fly, has the strength of a thousand men, x-ray vision etc... It's difficult to have a compelling 'villain' to go against him as Superman can wipe the floor easily with everyone. The only thing they can do is to give Superman a 'super' enemy, but I don't really want to see one alien fighting another one on the streets of New York. Superman is just too good, that's his problem.
Your point is very valid and it was a main theme of Superman the Movie. All those powers and he couldn't prevent the death of the one he loved.

Superman is too good, unless you fling some kryptonite his way.
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