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I don't get the whole Cheryl and Simon thing. They don't even flirt with each other, or am i just not seeing it?! Obviously they get on well and banter, but i don't see either of them trying to convey physical attraction. If anything, Simon is like a mentor/father figure to her.

The press are really doing Simon a huge favour here, because i don't think he's even trying to push the potential Cheryl romance. Had she been at least 30 then maybe, but she's too young even for a fake romance with him.
I know its funny isnt it? The same thing happened with Paula on Idol. He shot her a few of his (well rehearsed ) "lechy looks reserved for girls" and there is a whole sub culture of people who think they have some huge secret romance - despite neither of them spending any time together outside the show. Exactly the same thing is happening with Cheryl - so many people convinced there is a romance bubbling because he puts his arm on the back of her chair and praises her acts .

The papers are loving it - and as you say, he will actually have to do NOTHING to fuel it -its perfect really.
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