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I see the bullsh*t factory is starting to churn....If dearest Kerching was so bloody bothered that "her man" was flouncing about with the Nations Sweet'art maybe she should get her Prada encrusted arse back over to London?? Just a thought dear??

I fear this Simon and Cheryl thing is going to be rammed down our throats now....its the perfect tabloid wet dream of a story - and Si gets rid of the Gold Digger whilst looking like a loveable old rogue who cant keep his hands off the laydees - Cheryl will get shedloads of press in the US as the girl who Simon broke up from his fiancee from. We have lots to laugh about and take the preverbial P out of as we watch everyone implode as the "Chimon" fauxmance plays out. Everyone's a winner.
God....I love this post ! LOLOL Yep... Operation "Chimon" is well underway....she will be sitting in his lap by the final ! They will only need three chairs on the judging panel ! LOL.
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