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who here in this thread likes watching X Factor yet enjoys the gossip in Simon's bullsh1t factory aka Max ?
I love it

I absolutely crease up when I read all the heated posts on here and the huge amount of spin in the press it generates. My Twitter, facebook and other forums I use are clogged up with "OUTRAGE" every weekend, yet they all come back for more next week (viewing figs on Sat were up another million ).

Simon is a genius at what he does, and thats getting a show on telly that people talk about. He doesnt care that most of the contestants are thirty kinds of crap - its a bonus if one or two per year actually have that insignificant commodity called talent - generally the people chosen to perform on the Lives are there because they have the most potential in column inches.

Anyway, its all good fun and I absolutely love it. Im not sure Max has much to do with the spin for XF - he is Simon's personal Creator of Manly Fantasies. I think some cages have been rattled too - Ive been recently warned off for being too naughty....question is, do I behave or not???
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