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Pete Burns, Oxford Street Topshop several years ago. Exactly as revolting, bitchy and narcissistic as he comes across on telly. Rude to me, rude to everyone else around him too.

Jools Holland outside a London west end theatre about 3 years ago now I think. Rude and dismissive. Nothing like the engaging, friendly guy you see on TV. I very politely asked him for an autograph, he simply said "no", turned away and walked off.

Abi Titmuss Oxford Street shoe shop Office, about 4 years ago. Seemed nice and surprisingly down to earth. Maybe because I didn't ask her for an autograph? Whatever, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

Jerry Sadowitz (anyone remember him?) walking down Jermyn Street. Odd. I think I was to blame for the reaction that I got from him though. He was probably busy and I probably overstepped the mark stopping him and asking him if he was Jerry Sadowitz. According to someone I used to know, however, he is indeed very odd.
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