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Oh dear, poor she the last to know her contract has been terminated?? Maybe Max has been dragging his heels with the paperwork.

She hasnt helped matters with her " far as I know" quote has she? No wonder she isnt usually allowed to speak .

How VERY odd that the Smitten Lovebirds supposedly chat incessently on the phone daily (even though the HARDSHIP of flying over first class is a step too far in this beautiful romance :P ) that neither are quite sure they are in love anymore. Its such a complex thing, this True Love lark isnt it? I dont think Si has quite got the hang things yet - the IDEA, Simon sweetie, is you spend quality time with your beloved fiancee...NOT send her back to LA for a couple of months. I think Uncle Max needs them both back on his "Faking a Relationship 101" course as the modules "Fooling the Press" and "Pretending to Appear Smitten" have failed spectularly.

Oh well, I suppose she will be dragged to NYC to appear Smitten for probably the final time at the Emmy's tomorrow. That will be a hoot. Will Si be bringing her P45 and hefty payoff cheque with him? Ooooh to be a customs man today! .
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