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Oddly enough I have also seen BG sitting in an armchair at Camden, but not in the road. It must have been a phase he was going through
That comment made me laugh. These precious, 'creative types, eh? *tuts*

Might have mentioned this before, but I had the 'pleasure' of sitting in the green room with Nigel Havers and Dr. Hilary Jones several years ago when I was being interviewed on breakfast telly. Contrary to the other celebs we met, those two came across as a pair of t*ssers.

I do agree, though, that people in the public eye should have the right to go about their everyday buiness without being pestered for autographs, unless they voluntarily/ willingly get into conversation. However, when doing promotional work, unless being subject to abuse, they should do their best to be civil if not polite. Nor, though, do I think celebs should be treated any differently/ preferentially when going about their daily business unless there is a damn good reason. Reports of them asking for freebies, discounts and upgrades really tee me off as, technically, they can afford to pay more than the rest of us for everyday items, services and 'treats'.
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