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Because of my job, I've worked with quite a few celebs and they fall into various categories: (I won't list everyone, I'd be here all day!)

All round nice people:
Gordon Ramsey
Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall
David Attenborough
Gary Barlow
Ant & Dec
Brad Pitt
Hugh Jackman
Dara O'Briain

Complete bumholes to work with, but lovely with the public:
Cat Deely
Rowan Atkinson
John Barrowman

Completely lovely to work with (as long as you're a certain level in the production) but don't like being bothered by the public:
David Suchet
Stephen Daldry (Director of Billy Elliot)
Judi Dench

Complete bumholes full stop:
Angelina Jolie
Samantha Bond (Miss Moneypenny in the Pierce Brosnan's Bonds)
Cilla Black
Tess Daly
Lead singer from the Brand New Heavies - not even worth me googling her name!
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