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I give people the benefit of the doubt if they are considered bad for refusing an autograph or chat when they are out and about and minding their own business. If every time you tried to have a bit of privacy someone came over and hassled you then you'd snap occasionally, even if you had the patience of a saint! I'm more inclined to give credence to stories of what people are like to work with.
I completely agree with this. I've had many waitressing jobs and even if I was having a bad day, I would always be nice to customers and make sure they had good service, as they were paying my wages. However, if I met one of the regular customers outside of work and they still expected me to wait on them hand and foot, I wouldn't be long telling them where to go. Does this make me a bad person? I think not and I think most people feel the same. In a work capacity, you have a duty to provide the best service to your clients/customers/fans but outside work, your clients/customers/fans should be expected to treat you with the same dignity and respect as any other human being. I don't agree with celebs being expected to be "in character" 24/7 but neither do I agree with celebs who expect to be treated like the sun shines out of their ar$e 24/7. There is a healthy balance to be found somewhere in between.

Anyhoo's, my only claim to fame is being an extra on a Daniel Craig movie about 13 years ago. It was well before he became super famous and I "worked" with him for four days and he couldn't have been nicer. Me and my friends were dead excited to be extra's in a movie and we were asking him, the director and other actors/staff all about how movies were made. They answered all our questions and didn't get moody/annoyed at all. They seemed more amused at our exuberance than anything else. The only one who seemed a bit stand-off-ish was one lady called Greta Scacchi who didn't speak to anyone but the staff and didn't want anyone taking her picture but maybe she's just not a big people person.
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