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Just got back from seeing this. Found it surprisingly moving especially the last few minutes. James Franco is excellent and completely keeps you in the story.

The arm bit was fine by the way if that is putting anyone off - its only about 5 minutes a bit grim but its not that bad - unless the sight of blood makes you faint!
5 minutes? I re-watched the scene online and it's just over a minute.

Cinema was flinching through the amputation scene. My mate looked like he was struggling. I was leaning forward in my chair with my eyes glued to the screen. The sound design in the film made it seem far worse that you actually saw. Great film though I agree with the post above that it's not a film you'd want to watch again in a hurry. Hello.
I saw it with my mate too and neither of us were bothered by that scene. I don't think anyone else in the cinema was.
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