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Eh? Neither of those films are particularly aimed at the teenage market, especially The Social Network. Just because it's related to Facebook doesn't mean that it's automatically for teens, far from it. Infact, i'd be very surprised if the actual subject matter of the film appealed to many teens. Aaron Sorkin's script alone makes it a shoe in for the Oscars.
Look at these ratings.

Social Network -

Look at how much teens and people around that age give the film as opposed to older viewers.

Inception -

Do you see the same? Teenagers give higher scores than adults, Almost a whole point higher on average or more.

Both films are popular at the teenage market sold at the time when teenagers can watch them. Social Network has the backing of the investors behind facebook. Inception, while a better film than Social Network is hardly even close to the quality of films we've had this year.

The Social Network has to be one of the dullest films in history. It's nice to watch. A bit like a documentary improvised by actors but what happens in it? Apart from a court case... what exactly happens? It's unbelievably pointless and any awards it gets is built from the popularity of facebook and the investment/commercial backing that it has.

Aaron Sorikin's script? LOL.

Have you ever heard a child tell you a story. It goes like this "Then this happened then that happened then this happened then that happened then this happened then we went there then we did this and then we did that".

If that's what wins oscars then big business and the banks have taken over Hollywood.
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