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You sound a barrel of Laughs... I was looking for the smileys when you said that Jackson made a Hash of the Trilogy movies
but no smileys to be seen
How can you sit their and say they were not creative with some really unbelieavable characters and sets

I think that they are best fantasy movies ever made
gripping cinema for the whole family to enjoy

Roll on the Hobbit
Good, glad that you enjoyed them, but for me, when compared to the books that they were based on, Jackson made a right pig's ear of the films.

Unbelievable characters and sets? Big deal, first and foremost I go for story and characterisation, and Jackson made a mess of both.

Still, it's just MY opinion that they're bad, as it's YOUR opinion that they are 'the best', but we can only air our own opinions which will often differ.
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