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Good, glad that you enjoyed them, but for me, when compared to the books that they were based on, Jackson made a right pig's ear of the films.

Unbelievable characters and sets? Big deal, first and foremost I go for story and characterisation, and Jackson made a mess of both.

Still, it's just MY opinion that they're bad, as it's YOUR opinion that they are 'the best', but we can only air our own opinions which will often differ.
The only issue I usually agree about fans of the books with is that a few characters were turned into comic relief in the movies (Pippin, Gimli etc). As far as characterisation goes when I read the books (which was admittedly after I first saw TFotR) I actually found the majority of the characters to be quite samey and one dimensional. Lotr is a great story at its core, but even an uber fan of the book would find it difficult to deny that it is bogged down with unnecessary descriptions, backstory and poetry. Unless you love these particular aspects I can't see why you would dislike the movies so much.
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