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I love Lord of the Rings. I play Lord of the Rings Online, so was really looking forward to these films, until I found out one thing about them. The fact they will be in 3d. I think the films would have been fabulous without the gimic of 3d. Just my humble opinion of course and hope to be prooved wrong.

Fair enough. My own view is that these films will be immense enough without a gimmick like 3D to sell them and I trust PJ/Weta to do a good job. I don't believe PJ would decide to use 3D if he didn't think it would add to the experience. The film will not have been designed around the fact that it's 3D like a lot have, which in itself may not be a good thing. I personally don't care having never seen a 3D film in my life (outside of an IMAX documentary).
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