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Today's jewels:

18:07 Sarah Silverman: "I'm popular for a Jew"
--> A bit anti-Semitic headline?

17:33 Cheryl Cole feels "more alive" in USA
More alive in relation to what and why?

17:07 Nicole Scherzinger: 'Lady GaGa is a monster'
Believe it or not, DS, but we already now Gaga's moniker. No need for a news.

16:50 Kim Kardashian: 'My butt's no big deal'
People, stop breathing and stop whatever you do. Kim's butt is no big deal. And I thought the world revolves around it.

16:43 Amy Winehouse 'wants baby with Reg Traviss'
I want a baby with Ben Affleck. So what?

16:33 Keith Urban: 'Nicole Kidman and I are normal'
I thought they were superhuman and aliens.

16:09 Katie Price: 'I won't have lips done again'
Katie Price in a 'will I won't I' plastic surgery thought. Shock, horror.

14:37 Kimberley Walsh wants kids in "a couple years"
I want a better job and kids in a couple of years, too. This is news why?

11:47 Khloe Kardashian: 'Kim's too heavy to pick up'
My whole family is too heavy to pick up.

11:12 Stacey Solomon: 'I'm not Kerry Katona'
Oh, I thought she was. Thanks, DS, for pointing out she isn't.

10:03 Katie Holmes: 'Suri's birthday my favourite day'
My favourite day is Christmas Eve, DS. Write an article about it!

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