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QM was specifically cited (Rutledge's quote)
Yes, we agree QM is involved.

and the branch point is the start of the last 8 mins of Fentress' consciousness.
In the many worlds interpretation, every moment is a branch point. Rutledge was claiming that something extra was happing when they used the SC.

If the universes were already existing they would be markedly different (as 3cheeses alludes to above) since they would have emerged from earlier branch points,
Universes branch off continuously, so there are a great many of them. Some would be very different, some would be almost the same, depending on how long ago their nearest common ancestor was. Some universes would be identical except with one quantum bit flipped - eg one radioactive atom that's decayed in one universe and not in the other, that being the cause of the branch.

and it would be nigh impossible to identify what those points were.
That would be why they needed the dead guy. His consciousness had existed on the train as it was, and provides a link to all those moments. They picked the earliest moment they could, but presumably could have gone back to any point in the eight minutes. Whichever point they went to, would have been congruent to Fentress's experiences because it is his conciousness which identifies and indexes the universe.

It's a different interpretation, but I think consistent with what happens in the movie, especially if we accept Rutledge either doesn't understand his machine or else is being deceptive about it.

SC would have to somehow locate appropriate universes and open a window at the exact same time in those universes, at a later time each time in the primary reality - a massive computational stretch.
It's not so much a matter of computation as what consciousness is and does.

What is a stretch is for the Source Code device to somehow undo all the branches that have happened since 8 minutes before Fentress died, and create a new universe in that reversed state. It needs to reverse time. That's not what happens with the usual many world interpretation.
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