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Hi brangdon. The first 3/4 of your post doesn't contradict anything I said (it's just phrased in a more convoluted way ). SC located and used the same branch point to create a new alternate reality every time it was run.
I'm suggesting it found existing alternate universes rather than created new ones.

Re: your final paragraph, where we actually diverge, it was my interpretation there was no "reversing of time" -
If those universes were created, they were created in the state they were in 8 minutes before the bomb went off. That's very different to the normal universe branching in many-worlds QM, where each branching produces universes which are very similar to the stem.

If the alternates universes are being created rather than found, then at the point the SC machine is invoked, the state they are in doesn't exist and has to be recovered or created somehow by the SC machine. That's what I mean by reversing time. Not just creating a new universe, but creating one in a past state.

turned out every one of these alternate realities ran their course beyond the 8mins (my post #54).
Well, we don't see that, and if you believe the universes were created by SC, then it's logical that they ceased to exist when Colter's consciousness returned back to the base reality; that they needed his presence to sustain them, and only existed while he observed them. Where-as if they pre-existed, then they would have continued to exist without Colter.

It's a shame that Colter either dies in the alternate (and then comes back to the base), or else dies in the base (and then continues in the alternate). You have to wonder, had he just got off the train and walked away and never died in the alternate, whether Goodwin et al could have done anything about it. I suspect not - they couldn't do much when he lost contact from them in his cell. All they could do was switch off his life support, which is what happened at the end anyway.

If they did have a way to force him back, maybe Sean would have got his body back.

Looks like we'll have to agree to occupy opposite quantum states on this one.

A fun film, anyway
Yes; this isn't an angry debate, it's just fun thinking about the film and bouncing around possible interpretations of it.
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