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These are quite (ok, very) tenuous -

I'm very distantly related to the swimmer Duncan Goodhew but have never met him.

My second-cousin is a journalist/author whose first published book was a brilliant book about Fred and Rose West.I recently worked with one of the vets who used to be on Animal Hospital!
I have read that book it is brilliant .

I went to school with the actor who played the first sidekick detective in Midsummer Murders. When we were in Geography he told me he wanted to be an actor. I said ' What do u want to do that for'? he is a lovely lad Daniel Casey. He has also been in a Catherine Cookson film.
I am also friends with all of the Chawner family ( Lorraine kellys big fat challenge family) on facebook, ohhhh and Marcus from BB9 is a facebook friend . Do they count ?
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