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I knew/know Sheridan Smith. She's from the same town as me. We used to compete in local dance competitions and was in shows together when we little. She won everything naturally and was great. Everyone knew she would be a big star.

I met Chris Gascoyne who plays Peter Barlow in Corrie a few times, and he bought me a hot chocolate in Salford uni canteen. Does that count as knowing someone? because it's my claim to fame anyway. I tell everyone, and he did know my name

Before he went back to Corrie. He taught a class and was a guest speaker at Salford university when I was a student there.
I wasn't in any of his classes and was so gutted, but I met him in the canteen, were he hung out alot not teaching I might add, and he bought me my hot chocolate as an alternative to being in his class. He was lovely and gave me some very good advice on a project and followed it up as well a couple of days later and saw my show, which was a really nice thing to do.
He was very cool and gave similar time to everyone there. He left Salford to go back to Corrie within days of that.

He told me he'd just met his screen son and it was like going up against a 'mini Robert De niro ', that turned out to be Simon Barlow lol
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