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This jaw-dropping disaster movie makes director Roland Emmerich's previous outings feel like expensive dress rehearsals. For all their epic destruction, his previous features Independence Day and the lacklustre Godzilla are damp squibs compared to this astonishing, cautionary tale. Rooted loosely in scientific reality, the film piles on the Hollywood excess to deliver a US-centred thrill-ride in which global warming abruptly pushes the planet into a new ice age during one incredible worldwide superstorm. Though there's a human element, focusing on climatologist Dennis Quaid's cross-country journey to Manhattan to rescue his trapped son, Jake Gyllenhaal, it's the weather effects that take centre stage. Putting aside the anticlimactic conclusion, this is cinema as pure spectacle, as tornados, flash floods, hurricanes and snow demolish cities including LA and New York. Never mind that the dialogue is frequently laugh-out-loud cheesy and the performances are often melodramatic, what counts here is the enormous entertainment factor.

I normally find Radio Times ratings are pretty much what I would give but I am open mouthed at this. This film has to be one of the shi*test films I have ever seen. The notion that the world is ending and ALL we are meant to care about is Dennis Quaid and his son is LUDICROUS!!!!! Why do American disaster film makers do this? It's like the Oliver Stone's World Trade Centre film on 911 with Nic Cage - another useless film completely missing the point - unlike the BRILLIANT United 93.

What RT should have said is this................

"Has a couple of okay destruction scenes but 90% of the film is absolute tosh and if you really are that stunned by special effects or crazy weather then find a good documentary."
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