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[So, you think that reviewers should always give your opinion? Because they're there to give their opinions, not yours. People do like different things to you, your Highness
Well congratulations on writing three of the most obvious statements ever in succession.

Yes billy I think all reviewers should give my opinion, that's what i think, that's what i really really think

I think i put my criticism in clear context. I respect the radio times for the most part. thing that puzzled me most was that the reviewer seemed to pretty much agree with me about how LUDICROUS the Dennis Quaid story is but we totally disagree as to how exciting some computerised special effects are. In my view they barely raise the bar to 2 starts out of 5 nevermind the 4 he gave it. It really is rubbish this film.

Oh well, each to their own, i'm off to watch Touching the Void, a proper film.
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