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mllfap, you are easily entertained !!
Not at all , I'm very picky which is why TDAT is the only modern disaster movie I like

Well I reckon a it of everything ...

I like fantasy films .. but a good solid story is a must ...

Course there are always exceptions, like I really enjoyed Battle LA ... that was no masterpiece but I went in with low expectations so I ended up really enjoying it ...

I love Lord of the Rings,
Die Hards,
The Hangover,
Hot Fuzz,
Prince of Persia,
Sucker Punch,
most superhero movies ... Batman Begins been the no 1 ...

thats too hard a question, but certainly it seems no disaster movies, they're lame !!

What about you Weather forecaster ??
Everybodys different.
Personally I find the Lord of the Rings movies to be boring shite - at least the 30 minutes of the first one I saw was so I never bothered after that.

I too like all the Die Hards and I even got the uncut DH3 on Bluray from Australia.

Original Poseidon Adventure and Towering Inferno both great films too.

But I enjoy all types .
From a bit of Disney to gross horror movies from Italy
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