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I know an American man who's related to Michelle Pfeiffer, and descended from great American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne.

On this side of the Atlantic, I know a descendant of Nelson.

I myself am related to Paul and Barry Ryan who had a massive hit in the 60s (later covered by The Damned) with Eloise. I loved that song for years - it's always been one of my favourite songs - before I discovered I was related to the Ryan twins. Sadly, one of them, Paul, died of cancer at a young age. Barry is still performing. My grandma remembers their mum Marion Ryan who herself was a popular singer (and had an affair with Frank Sinatra).

Simon Cowell's mum lives really close to me and I see her around with her cute little dog, and have met her (and the dog) so I sort of know her a bit.

I used to know the actor Kieron Forsythe who played Tom Harvey the evil anaesthetist on Casualty. Also actress Nichola Schingler who spent a year as Steve McDonald's girlfriend on Corrie, and who now pops up now and then on things like Holby City.

A friend of mine knows a famous writer, whose name I cannot mention, who is a right cow.

My uncle is embroiled in a dispute over a hedge with a radio DJ, whose name, again, I'd better keep quiet.

I go to a support group for people with depression and there's a woman there who's a professional actress. Obviously, confidential.

Living in Brighton, as I do, you come into contact with a lot of famous people.
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