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I was so disappointed by this movie. I love a good disaster movie, but this was awful.

A good disaster movie should make me care about the people. Not just the main characters but the others too. An example off the top of my head is in Titanic, I never really warmed to Jack and Rose but watching the fate of the other passengers and becoming emotionally involved with them made the movie for me.

In TDAT I didn't even care about the fate of the New Yorkers who decided to chance it rather than stay in the library. By all rights they should have made the movie for me but I just mentally shrugged my shoulders and wondered what was showing on another channel.

And one thing that really annoyed me (which annoys me about most American disaster movies) is that It's so America centric (I can hear your "well Duh's from here ). There was no real emphasis on what happened to the rest of the northern hemisphere (I vaguely remember something about the UK but I've only watched it once so I don't remember any details). It's like in Armageddon where part of Japan (or was it China? Haven't seen it for a long time) was hit with meteors and from the looks of it wiped out, but don't worry about that, look its Bruce Willis!

Sorry slight rant there, Iím in a ranty mood, but to summarise, The Day After Tomorrow = rubbish, would never watch again.
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