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And one thing that really annoyed me (which annoys me about most American disaster movies) is that It's so America centric (I can hear your "well Duh's from here ). There was no real emphasis on what happened to the rest of the northern hemisphere (I vaguely remember something about the UK but I've only watched it once so I don't remember any details).
The bits with Ian Holm in the weather lab were set in Scotland i think, although Roland Emmerich seems to think that Scotland looks like The Shire from Lord of the Rings if this film is anything to go by (for some reason he used CGI hills when showing the exterior of the lab, which looked really odd).

There was one bit in the film where it said that Europe had been hit harder than the US, yet we didn't see any of it!

I watched the film again the other day, and i still don't mind it really. It's okay if you want spectacle (although the SFX haven't aged well), but the script is laughable, try counting how many times Dennis Quaid says "do you understand me?!?!"
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