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Just looking at Amanda and her two new sidekicks in the pre show publicity for Britains Got Talent ( not ) and you could see it was going to tank.
I was right... the viewing figures have slumped bigtime but no doubt Amanda , the Hoff and MM will soldier on to the bitter end.

Is Amanda wasting her time and talent on all this candy floss TV ?
In the past she has made some hot TV drama series and built up a reputation as a fine TV actress.

The lure of working with the very rich TV mogul, Simon Cowell was too much of an attraction and shes spent hours in his private jet... no doubt having the time of her life,
while, artistically , her career is on hold.

Maybe its time she turned her back on all this nonsense and resumed her acting career.

I dont know if shes got a voice, but I could see her in the West End starring in a Musical.... she could be up there with Denise Van Outen... why not ?

Just give that creep Cowell the boot Amanda and get back to TV acting and the legitimate theatre
kickstart your career once again.
errr she's going to be starring in the west that acting career enough for you? Shrek the Musical....
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