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Through my work I've gotten to know some celebs pretty well , the main ones to mention are Ian Rankin , Susan Boyle (she lives near me and I see her around most days) . I've never met JK Rowling , but have met her husband Neil many times . I also know Darren Jackson (ex-Celtic player) quite well and been to Dylan Moran's house a few times too. Also , I knew the late Tam Paton (Bay City Rollers manager) pretty well.

My family have always been strongly involved with the Labour Party , and because of that many famous politicians were family friends - Robin Cook , Tam Dalyell , and even ex PM Gordon Brown visited my parents quite often.

I grew up in Bellshill which had a bit of a music scene in the early 90s , and some of my old schoolmates ended up in bands such as Teenage Fanclub , BMX Bandits , Vaselines , Soup Dragons and Primal Scream.

My mum was a folk music promoter in the late 60s early 70s , and got to know the likes of Billy Connolly , Gerry Rafferty , Ewan McColl and others.

Think that's about it

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