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Twas only ever a relationship of convenience - suited them both, for their own ends.
She certainly raised her public proflie because of it.
Knew six months ago that whatever they 'had' was well & truly over.
Hope for his sake that's it amicable as I rather think Miss Thompson could be a whole lot of trouble otherwise - she always talked babies he, only last week, said he had 'no time' to get married; just one of his many dismissals on the subject.
Most women would find being constantly & publically 'put down' humiliating, surely?
Georgie was happy to go along with it though - wonder why?!
Nowt to do with her blossoming career I don't suppose?!
Hope they both find happiness elsewhere though I rather think Dec will never be the marrying kind.

Pretty much echoes my thoughts.
Georgie has been trying for years to rise above her newsreader role, and she's certainly achieved this since they've been together.
And why is Dec "too busy" to get married when his business partner seems to find the time for a wife.
I like Ant and Dec, and Georgie seems ok, too, but there are definitely "issues" where Dec is concerned, whatever they may be, and I didn't get the impression that this relationship was for keeps.
Of course, only they really know.
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