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Heartbreaking. I got a bit wrapped up in Karen Carpenter's story when I was anorexic over 20 years ago. In fact, watching a biopic/ drama of her life (starring an actress called Cynthia Gibb) was one of the factors that helped me to recover, in its own way. I was devastated that such a beautiful, talented woman could succumb to such an evil condition and it really got to me. She had a gorgeous voice and I think she'd have been happy to be the drummer in the background as the drums were what she loved. Still, she left behind a wonderful legacy in her voice and music which, to some degree, is comforting. Therapy for anorexia was abysmal back in the day as it was such a misunderstood condition...difficult to say where 'blame' or 'responsibility' for her illness and death should be apportioned.
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