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Anyone asked me for a PM, they got it: as for my saying I was in LA interviewing BB-related bods back in the late 80s and that occasionally we talked about other matters - that's cryptic ?

Cryptic - having a meaning that is mysterious or obscure.

Care to show me the mysterious or obscure part of that ?

BTW - "leading people to believe that anorexia wasn't what caused Karen's death". It didn't - she died of a heart attack, or heart failure, to which anorexia was a contributory factor.
It's exceptionally common knowledge that her cause of death was heart failure with Anorexia being THE major contributory factor. In the same way as internal bleeding can be a cause of death after you've been run over. Mainly, people are going to say that being run over is what killed you!!!!

You're post alluded to an alternate cause of death, that no one knows about and is hush hush!!! If that was what you were alluding to, then I don't think you would only need to speak to a certain few people in LA!!

As for cryptic, well come're making comments in a 'nod nod wink wink' kind of fashion 'well we didn't only speak about the Beach Boys'...the implication is that you spoke about something else (obviously Karen or why put it in this thread) and that it was good info else you would just post it on up!!! Either you have something to say that isn't common knowledge or you don't, and if you do, nae bather, but don't make comments alluding to the same and then make comments wishing you'd never said anything, when in fact it's the only possible reason you could have made the comments in the way you did in the first place!!!
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