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I did not know there was a short and long version. I don't know which one I have then on DVD or whch one I watched originally on Sky. I can say it is the early one though lol
I agree the remake was rubbish.
Can anyone explain the short to longer version please? I don't mean running time either lol
The film was cut without the film makers knowledge by its new owners before it was released as they didn't know what to do with it so they made it shorter to use it as the second half of a double feature.

The short version makes it appear as if Howie was there for one night but the long version makes him stay an extra night and for this to be achieved not only were cuts made but some of the remaining scenes had their order changed.

Forgotten by its legal owners the film appeared on tv in the late 70's / early 80's in its cinema version on ITV.
It also found a new audience when Thorn EMI released it on video around 1982.

As it gained popularity people became aware that the full version was lost and the search was on.
Roger Corman had licenced the film for its US release but by the time its popularity had reached cult status the only surviving version of the complete film was on a low band NTSC video recording.

BBC were first to show a longer version and the Moviedrome broadcast in the mid 90's restored some footage but IIRC the pre-credits scenes in the police station were still missing- the BBC version was definitely still a few minutes short.
There was a small animated face that appeared at the end of the closing credits of the Moviedrome version and I've not seen that shot again anywhere not even on the dvd.

All the dvd releases have included both versions but the footage exclusive to the long version is easily spotted by the big drop in quality.

A Bluray release was announced a couple of years ago but its never happened.
As the UK release would be from Optimum who are not known for the best releases on the format we can hope a US company gets there first.
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