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Those were the days - we were young enough to handle it!
Suki c - I was a teenaged lad-about-town in the late 80s, and would collapse in front of the TV when I came in. After a while, I noticed that this funny Australian thing seemed to be always on.

There were only 4 channels back then, so I would usually end up watching Prisoner Cell Block H. Without much attention, I have to say, but I was being reeled in...

One night I was completely transfixed by one of the (comparatively rare) beautiful prisoners attempting suicide - I'll never forget the livid red of the blood on the old-fashioned studio film. That was Lynn Warner's attempted suicide, of course, and it was relatively early in the show's run. From then on, I watched all the time, right through to the end with Rita Connors swearing to become the oldest bikie in the world.

And here's the thing: half the lads in my social circle were avid watchers too. That show was big with young people at the time precisely because of its graveyard slot and because the ITV networks (all out of sync with each other) never gave up on the show and screened it two or three times per week for years.

That was just how things were back then, with 4 channels. People getting in from nights out had nothing else to watch or do!

I tried to watch PCBH all over again when it started a new run on Channel 5 in the 90s, but by then my lifestyle had changed, and it just wasn't the same anyway. Occasionally I watch parts of classic old episodes on YouTube and remain very impressed by the storytelling. I've spotted the actors in other roles down the years (no, not just Neighbours) and always have warm feelings about them, and the show.
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