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Prisoner CBH was a great corny soap opera with melodramatic plots - some of the best TV ever made IMO. I watched it on Central TV back in the late 80s when it was regularly pulling in a million viewers per episode after midnight (in the Central region, an extraordinary figure for the time).

I have to say I looked through the posts above especially to see any reference to wobbling scenery. Thanks for not letting me down! For some reason it's obligatory for PCBH to be cited as having wobbling walls. Nice to see somebody keeping up the tradition of mentioning something that just wasn't true.

Alongside the discussion of the show, perhaps we could discuss why people feel the need to say that this show had wobbling scenery. Is it a kind of urban myth? Or what we would call a meme nowadays? Perhaps people say it because the production values seemed low enough to them that it's as if the wall wobbled.
Just to play Devil's advocate - whilst the show wasn't as bad for wobbling scenery as some British productions (Upstairs Downstairs wobbled a fair bit, and was still excellent), there WERE wobbling walls in Prisoner. Take a look at the Great Fire of Wentworth episodes - when Barbara Fields is trying to break out of Erica's office by battering the door with a fire extinguisher, the wall wobbles with the door - she nearly takes the wall down with it! This is just one example, there are a few others. However, I never saw the famous 'red bricks' wobble - it was usually only walls which had a door in them or temporary sets erected for places outside the prison.
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