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I blame PCBH for me inevitably turning up at work on a Monday morning late, tired & hungover

OH & I would go to a pub quiz on a Sunday night and on the way home would vow "no TV & straight to bed" but the lure of the prog was too great (and we'd usually open a bottle of wine to accompany it)

Those were the days - we were young enough to handle it!
Back in the 90s they only used to show PCBH once a week in the ITV region I lived in (although I think at one point they did show it twice a week) and it used to be on a Thursday night. It was always on after 11pm and I can remember being really tired but wanting to stay up and watch it, even though (and this is the daft thing) I would record the programme at the same time so I could watch it again during the week

I used to have PCBH on video years ago when they brought out some of the episodes but have started buying them again on DVD. I confess I did have a panic moment when I first started watching the first one as I saw that it did look quite dated and thought: "oh no, I'm going to hate it", but after about 10 minutes I had forgotten about the dodgy hair and make-up (and of course the wobbly walls ) and was as engrossed in it as I used to be.

Great viewing and definitely deserves a repeat showing
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