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I think they all turned up elsewhere in various films and TV shows at some point. Karen from early on PCBH turned into Evil Auntie Gilly in Return to Eden I recall, and Helen Daniels from Neighbours played some prisoner's mum for a bit. Most shocking is Alf from Home and Away trying to kill Meg the Nice Warder, who also played a character in one of the other soaps, Neighbours I think.

It was quite a revolving door back in the day. Sort of how our soaps have now become, with ex-Corrie actors turning up in Emmerdale one week and Hollyoaks the next
I used to laugh that there must be a limited number of Aussie actors as the ones that were in Prisoner appeared in Neighbours, Sons and Daughters and Home and Away. But look at us. The same actors here switch between Eastenders, The Bill, Heartbeart, The Royal, Coronation Street etc. !!
That is a very good point. That culture of actors switching from soaps seems to have have crept into our soap operas. Michelle Collins is the most recent example going from Eastenders to acting in various dramas and now returning to soap with Coronation Street. With there now being daytime soaps this makes this trend even more inevitable. For example, Doctors has seen three of it's past characters join Emmerdale. There was the character Dr. Jude Carlyle who was played by Natalie J Robb,Dr. Helen Thompson played by Corinne Wicks and Dr. Nick West played by Michael McKell. These three have now joined Emmerdale. Also, the cancellation of The Bill means that there will be a whole host of actors looking for work.
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