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Did anybody like Po Face? Probably the most sarcastic prison officer of all time!

Her leaving scenes ...
Po-Face was one of THE most under-rated officers in the show, totally overshadowed by (the admitedly excellent) Vinegar Tits and the Freak. She actually played the 'nasty' officer role after Vera left, as a kind of stop-gap before the REALLY evil Joan came in; during the Sandy Edwards/Kate Petersen era she was the bent/nasty screw. Luckily though, she softened when the Freak ruled Wentworth and became more of a firm but fair officer with a brilliantly sharp tongue. Some of her lines:

I'd like to remind the bitch.., with a SLEDGE HAMMER!

Nola: What the hell am I supposed to do out here?
Po Face: Well, you can start by pulling out the weeds.
Nola: I wouldn't know a weed from a gum tree.
Po Face: That's easy. If you get a hernia, you've pulled out a gum tree.

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